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Education Consultants provide assistance, support and consultant services in the local and client school districts to help improve the quality of education. These services vary with the needs and requests of the school districts.

  • Curriculum Development. Consultants are responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of courses of study. They also evaluate and recommend textbooks that support the course of study, working in conjunction with teacher committees from the representative school districts. 
  • Assessment. Consultants help to coordinate competency, achievement, and ability testing, as well as competency-based education testing in grades not requiring state proficiency testing.
  • Coordination. Consultants coordinate county and local school district education efforts by serving as a link between the Ohio Department of Education and the schools. They are also involved in coordinating resources available to provide funding for many projects.
  • Supervision. Consultants are often consulted for the purposes of improving instruction through observation. These observations may include helping the teacher with techniques, strategies, classroom management and/or lesson planning. In addition, consultants may be called upon to do student observations for special education evaluations.
  • Grant Writing. To obtain funding and incorporate new programs, consultants may often write or assist districts and teachers in writing grants. Implementing, coordinating and budgeting for these grant projects may also become the supervisor's responsibility.
  • Professional Development. Consultants develop, implement and facilitate professional development programs for school districts. These efforts many times include securing a funding source as well.
  • Continuous Improvement Planning Assistance. Consultants are available to assist districts working on their district continuous improvement plan. 
  • Resident Educator Program. Consultants conduct a resident educator program based on the following:  
    The Ohio Resident Educator (RE) Program began in 2011, and is a comprehensive, two-year initiative to assist beginning teachers with mentoring and professional development as they start their education careers. The RE Program is designed to improve teacher retention, enhance teacher quality, and result in improved student achievement. The RE Program can be envisioned as a professional pathway to continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. 

    Ohio Revised Code 3319.223 and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-24-04 provide the basis for the RE Program and the requirement to successfully pass the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). When teachers successfully complete program requirements, including the RESA component, they become eligible for a professional teaching license.
  • Curriculum Mapping and Alignment. Districts can obtain help from consultants when they want to map and align their curriculum.
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